A Comprehensive Solution for Good Governance Oversight

Centralize Activities
Drive accountability and accessibility by consolidating your data, documentation and processes
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Improve Visibility
Provide immediate insight into your SOX compliance status to executives and control owners
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Streamline Processes
Maintain consistency across your program with pre-configured SOX templates and frameworks
Improve Productivity & Increase Assurance
  • Broaden your coverage, increase efficiency and reduce outsourcing by automating your controls monitoring to pass or fail controls
  • Spot issues early and remediate them quickly, before they result in fines and penalties
  • Collaborate on PBC requests and self-assessments, tracking all activity in one place
  • Simplify walk-throughs and continuous monitoring, easily linking documented evidence for a clear audit trail
A Fully Integrated, Scalable SOX Management Solution

Establish a robust SOX program in just 10 days with our comprehensive, easy-to-use platform. Speak to a member of our team today and learn how Diligent can support your organization.

Real-Time Visibility Into All Governance, Risk and Compliance Activities

Gain real-time visibility into your strategy, producing reports on your control status or insight into current and completed audits.

Automate & Enhance GRC Activities With Machine Learning
Diligent Robotics delivers far more than any simple analytic solution or business intelligence (BI) technology—running your data access, reporting and workflow tasks from beginning to end, cutting down the number of tools you need and delivering actionable data in real time.

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