Incident Management

Protect Customers, Employees & Your Reputation

Empower employees to speak-up when they see a problem. Maintain a culture of compliance with a system that provides insight into corporate performance and risks.

  • Encourage incident reporting and simplify case management
  • Manage employee complaints from start to resolution
  • Streamline your investigation, documents and findings

See how Incident Management from Diligent simplifies incident reporting, facilitates investigation and creates transparency.

Automate Case Management 

Everything from case notes to attachments is just one click away. Timely escalations and real-time translation free up investigators to focus on the critical steps.

Configure the System for Your Organization

  • Users set up their experience to conform to their ways of working
  • Administrators easily ensure that required steps are completed
  • Access customizable and shareable dashboards and reports on all activities

Simplify Incident Reporting

Configure questions and offer upload options to ensure you collect all information needed for any type of report.

  • Leverage web-based, SMS, phone or manager “walk-in” kiosk reporting 
  • Facilitate anonymous reporting
  • Securely and discreetly follow-up with reporters  
Streamline Incident Reporting, Investigating & Case Management

A robust incident management system keeps your culture of compliance intact.

See it in action.

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