Compliance & Ethics Training Employees Will Enjoy

Help employees make the choices and take the actions that reflect your company's values. Upgrade your approach to training with short, engaging content employees will look forward to seeing.

See how Compliance & Ethics Training from Diligent can help you deliver more effective learning experiences that meet regulatory standards.

The World’s Largest Library of Compliance & Ethics Content

Deliver a diverse range of compelling trainings on demand.

  • Utilize over 4,000 pieces of content, modules and videos covering 120+ topics in 60+ languages
  • Elevate your team’s compliance knowledge with topic-specific content including Diversity, Healthcare, Data Privacy and Security, Third-Party Compliance and more
  • Create more inclusive experiences with content translated by a network of native speakers

Effective Training Regardless of Audience Size or Location​

Easily integrate compliance and ethics training organization-wide whether your team members are in the next cubicle or across an ocean.

  • Reach employees via your corporate intranet, email attachments, in-office kiosks and print
  • Deliver compelling training anytime, anywhere and at any budget
  • Content is available in HTML 5 and SCORM formats, so you can easily integrate it into any learning management system

Best-in-Class Without Burdening Your Budget​

Access best-in-class training regardless of size or budget with flat membership fees and scalable pricing.

  • Enjoy constantly updated libraries of customizable content with a flat annual membership fee
  • Access to best practices, customization tips and other resources
  • Refresh trainings with an annual schedule of new content plus notifications when the libraries are updated

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