Policy Management

Simplify Policy Management

Help employees embrace your corporate policies by providing clarity and transparency in an easy-to-use, integrated platform.

  • Regain control of your policies with customizable, end-to-end workflows
  • Stay on top of employee education by granting and monitoring their access to key policies
  • Always be audit-ready with automation that tracks policy management activity

See how Policy Management from Diligent can help drive compliance across your organization.

Save Time With Fully Configurable Workflows

Tailor your compliance program to your organization’s unique structure.

  • Quickly draft, edit and reuse documents with a feature-rich text editor and modular document design
  • Automate your review process with system notifications that alert assigned owners of upcoming review cycles 
  • Easily view and compare document versions

Keep Employees in the Know

Deliver the right messages at the right time by sending automatic policy updates to your target audience.

  • Monitor employee engagement with metrics on how often they access your policies and if they are understood
  • Streamline your policy libraries with flexible document organization and quick access to your most-viewed policies  

Reduce Risk Exposure & Remain Audit-Ready 

Be confident in your audit-readiness with workflow configurations that itemize and track key policies and procedures as you go. 

  • Get in front of audits by automatically recording all actions taken toward policy management compliance
  • Effortlessly comply with regulations by itemizing and tracking your policies and procedures
  • Never miss a milestone with fully configurable automated notifications and overdue reminders

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