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German Supply Chain Insights

In the months since the European Commission closed its consultation into mandatory corporate due diligence and accountability in value chains across the bloc, companies have struggled to come to grips with ESG obligations in value chains.
A high level overview of the most pertinent anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) developments of 2022 and early 2023, with a specific emphasis on the FCPA, along with a discussion of related ABAC developments in Europe, Latin America, Asia and elsewhere.
Anti-bribery guidelines prevent people and organizations from attempting to bribe others, while anti-corruption guidelines prevent public officials from accepting those bribes.
The Russian Federation’s unprovoked, unilateral decision to occupy Ukraine in February 2022 set the stage for comprehensive sanctions to be imposed by global governments against the Putin regime.
Sanctions have been on everyone’s radar of late, and with companies needing to comply with sanctions against Russian companies and individuals, the benefits of sanction screening are becoming better-known.
Transform your compliance training with the following eight recommendations for making online training interactive.
Your organizational policies sit at the heart of your operations, highlighting the importance of policy management. Their scope both reflects your business's goals and priorities, and underpins your values.