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Additional DOJ Corporate Compliance Insights 

Recent statements made by senior DOJ officials only underscore the importance of adhering to the Guidelines when making corporate compliance decisions. 
Because of the board's role in corporate governance, one would think that GRC is a board-driven strategy and initiative. However, the opposite is most often the case.
With an evolving regulatory landscape, increased attention to political and social issues, and heightened attention to incidents and whistleblower protections, the past five years have demonstrated that merely checking the box on compliance is no longer enough.
In June 2020, the United States Department of Justice published a revision to its guidelines for the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs. Originally issued in April 2019, the updated Guidelines serve as a broad outline of an organization’s corporate compliance responsibilities. 
The Department of Justice mandated in 1991 that organizations deliver effective training programs and further clarified in 2019 that "effective” means training can’t be once-a-year training modules that check boxes.
Customer relations has sometimes become shaky recently with the amount of cybersecurity hacks and fraudulent activity that has been happening.
Diligent Master Class for CCOs is a one-of-a-kind program that provides actionable advice and frameworks for today’s compliance leaders.
No matter the context, noncompliance with regulations or legislation generally has serious repercussions for businesses — reputational, financial, even criminal charges and prison time.