Cloud Based Delivery

Our products are designed to take advantage of the efficiency and accessibility of a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) delivery model. Our SaaS solutions provide organizations with independence and agility along with a low and predictable total cost of ownership.

Deployment decreases from months to days

Our services are designed with the philosophy of “convention over customization,” enabling our customers to immediately leverage configurable “out of the box” functionality vs. relying on heavy customization, complexity, and the overhead costs it brings. Time to value with a SaaS delivery model is significantly lower than with on-premise solutions. This means that implementation times are typically measured in days vs. weeks or months for other solutions.

Powerful and continuously improving functionality

services are enhanced with robust functionality, and product improvements are continuously delivered so that you do not need to wait for long release cycles or internal IT resources to use the latest product version. This ensures that the user interface and product features remain modern and up-to-date with business demands.

Low TCO and predictable costs

The SaaS delivery model takes away large upfront capital or implementation costs, making the ongoing costs much lower and more predictable than legacy on-premise alternatives.

No dependence on IT resources and in-house IT service costs

Our services do not require new hardware, software, or IT support for initial implementation or ongoing maintenance. Our customers can self-manage and focus on using the application for their business function, leaving the complexities of administrative management, application operation, and maintenance of the infrastructure to our global operations team.

Beautiful and easy-to-use interface

Our services are designed with usability as a top priority. Elegant, interactive, web-based interfaces mean that organizations can start using the software quickly.

Integrated risk and control analytics and monitoring

Our products integrate seamlessly, providing an end- to-end technology solution for all aspects of Corporate Governance from a single vendor.

Accessible anywhere and from any device

Our services are accessible to employees spread across multiple locations worldwide from their PC, smartphone, or tablet.